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Kubernetes Day 2 Operations

Once Kubernetes is implemented, it can mean a never-ending headache for your Ops teams.


Day 2 Operations

Export metrics and visulize your infra behaviour.


Day 2 Operations

Manage your cluster security efficiently.


Day 2 Operations

Scaling up your production clusters effectively.


Manage Kubernetes Storage Smoothly.

High Availability

Optimize clusters to be more High Available.

Update Management

Manage cluster update with 0 downtime.

Kubernetes Day 2 Operations Tools and Technologies

Kubernetes adoption lacks large enterprises and business corporations

Kubernetes Day 2 Operations Stack

Entreprise Kubernetes Consulting

Kubernetes is a production grade containerization solution developed by Google, for easily managing multiple containerized applications in a complex clustered environment. The point of this solution is to find better methods to manage related, distributed components across a diverse infrastructure. Our Kubernetes consulting services helped many organizations to streamline their CD/CI process.

Team Certifications

Our staff has proven expertise with Kubernetes and got certified in all possible Kubernetes Certifications.

Certified Kubernetes Adminstrator

Certified Kubernetes Adminstrator

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist

Certified Kubernetes Security Specialis

Containerization Services

Containerization Services

The Edixos team offers Kubernetes container platform consulting and digital transformation solutions including:

  • Cloud infrastructure management for cloud native applications with continuous delivery.
  • Managed Kubernetes services and hybrid-cloud strategy for platform development using AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and private cloud offerings.
  • Cloud-Native DevOps consulting and implementation to help you structure your teams to take advantage of the automation and scalability that Kubernetes offer, ultimately to meet your goals of increasing the velocity of your business.
  • Application Modernization consulting and design of the pathway of iterations to achieve replacement or integration of legacy systems.

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